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Juan Salgado's Letter to Supporters

Dear Friends of Instituto,

Our organization was founded in 1977 with the belief that education is power and that all learners deserve the opportunity to access this power. For 40 years we have seen families walk through Instituto’s doors with the drive to further their education and careers. For 40 years they have walked back out as leaders in the community.

My journey with Instituto began in 1995 as a volunteer for the citizenship program. Since 2001, I have had the honor of serving as President and CEO of this engine of opportunity in our community and my role at Instituto is only a part of this engine. The drive of our families and the dedication of our staff is makes our mission come to life each day and is something that has not only shaped our organization, but shaped me as a leader. I am grateful for each of you that I have had the privilege of working with and for your efforts which have propelled our organization towards the strength and stability it continues with today. 

This moment is just the beginning of Instituto’s legacy and our progress together does not stop here. It did not stop in 1977 when we graduated our first class of adult students achieving their high school diplomas. It did not stop in 1995 when we joined with other community organizations to successfully advocate to open funding for community based English courses. It did not stop when we pioneered career oriented education models for both adult and young learners, helping thousands of individuals achieve economic security. Like Instituto’s families, we have big goals ahead and will continue to work together to deliver new opportunities to those who have the greatest untapped potential.

Serving as a leader at Instituto, working with many of you and seeing our students’ true potential realized, will always be one of my greatest honors. Today, I transition again into the role of a proud Instituto volunteer and join so many of you as a passionate and committed partner supporting Instituto’s progress. I look forward to the continued success of our organization and the families who walk through its doors each day.

 Many Thanks,

Juan Salgado