Employment Services

At the heart of Instituto's services is our work helping community members access quality and stable employment. Instituto has created an extensive network of industry representatives and employers to ensure quality training and subsequent job placements for our students.
Instituto provides employment placements through three key programs, Career Pathways, Center for Working Families, and by hosting Job Fairs. In 2018, over 700 people found new employment through these programs:
Center for Working Families (CWF) - Our CWF works with over 500 clients a year to provide a wide range of employment and supportive services. Each client is assessed based on their skill level and needs and then placed with appropriate training or given assistance to apply for a secure a position in a variety of industries.
Career Pathways - Our Career Pathways programs work closely with representatives in each industry to create appropriate training and subsequently place student into positions once they have obtained new certifications.