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Learning Middle-Skills to Snag Living Wages

Increasingly, middle-skill jobs are being identified as key to the Chicago economy and the need for training to fill these positions is growing. JPMorgan Chase's 2015 report, Chicago Skills Gap, "found that about 44 percent of jobs in Chicago region are middle-skill , and half of them are high-demand occupations that also pay a living wage. These finding represent the opportunity that exists for many people who are eager to gain the skills needed to move into these positions, and the need for quality investment to reach these goals. 
Instituto's Carreras en Salud (Careers in Health) has led the way in these efforts for the past decade, providing the education and support systems needed for community members to launch successful careers in the healthcare industry. To date, Carreras en Salud has propelled 400 licensed practical nurses and 200 registered nurses, with a job placement of 100 percent.
"These are the jobs that are within reach of folks who for whatever reason find themselves in the lower-skilled areas right now." says Juan Salgado, Instituto President and CEO


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