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Cyber-ESL Model for Adult Students Social Innovations Journal (April 2017)
Instituto's Cyber-ESL program has completed a successful pilot program that demonstrates a new model of delivering quality ESL instruction to adult learners through a blended learning approach. The initial results of the program evaluation demonstrate significant increase in retention and learning outcomes, signaling a viable method to expand ESL services and fill an unmet need for many learners.
An Innovative Bicultural/Bilingual Model Social Innovations Journal (April 2017)
For over ten years, Instituto's Carreras en Salud has provided a solution for families to move up the economic ladder while addressing the ongoing nursing shortage and the need for bilingual healthcare professionals. The program's results demonstrate that Instituto's unique model of contextualized education, significant supportive services, and curriculum based on industry needs allows low-skilled and/or limited-English proficient adults to enter a promising career, build greater stability, and support our broader economy.
El 27 de abril del 2017 marca 40 años de innovadora educación y programación de carreras en el Instituto del Progreso Latino, líder en la comunidad latina de Chicago, con el desarrollo más amplio de fuerza laboral, educación para adultos y espacios de educación juvenil.
The launch of the Food and Beverage Manufacturing network represents a milestone in this important and growing sector of Chicago. Instituto will be collaborate with the network to develop curriculum for employees to grow their skills and move up the career ladder, meeting employer needs for their workforce.
Instituto's generous supporters, sponsors, and community partners joined us for an exciting evening to celebrate 40 years in the community and support the organization's future.
The launch of Instituto's Retail Program represents its newest career pathway, supporting low-skilled workers to gain valuable skills and training to move up the career ladder in their industry. Find out more about the Retail Training Institute here.
More then just financial literacy, Instituto is working to bridge the gap between financial institutions and low income communities.
Juan Salgado is named one of the nation's innovative school leaders who is re-imagining education opportunities for our students.
Yesenia Cervantes, Director the the Instituto Financial Opportunity Center, joins Comcast Newsmakers to discuss the many financial and career resources available at Instituto.
Juan Salgado joins Chicago community leaders for thought provoking conversation on the state of the city for our youth and where we can make meaningful changes for them.
Programa de Escalera Telemundo (February 2016)
Aprende sobre nuestro programa, Escalera, que ayuda a los estudiantes secundarias preparar para sus futuros en la universidad o carreras exitosas.
"The adult vocational training school appears modest on the surface. Yet dig in, and you'll find an educational program with a surprisingly high 80% graduation rate - better than most high schools and college degree programs across the nation - and a radical approach to community support. Whats the Instituto doing? It's asking poverty-level working parents to give up their evenings (over the course of three or more years) to improve their potential for employment through language and vocational training. It's promising to lift families out of poverty and fulfill their American dreams. And it's working."
Juan Salgado profiled in 2015 People IssueChicago Reader (November 2015)
"Communities like ours are only as strong as the human capital they can retain and attract. If people here can get access to better economic opportunities, if they can increase their earnings while staying in their communities, then we have healthy and livable communities. We have places where families can raise their kids." - Juan Salgado
"We're about creating new and better ways of taking people who have been overlooked or underserved by the educational systems and getting that right for them here" - Juan Salgado
The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics identifies Instituto's Carreras en Salud program as an example of effective adult education and workforce training for immigrants.
Amar al projimo a traves de la educacion, Telmundo Enfoque (September 2015)
"Mis padres me inculcaron valores de amar al projimo y una forma de llevar ese amor a nuestra comunidad, a nuestro pueblo, es a traves de la educacion porque es una herramienta muy necesaria para el progreso de nuestra families." - Juan Salgado
MacArthur 'Genius' Focuses on Immigrant Education, NPR Here & Now (September 2015)
"Instituto is able to do our work in Chicago because we are a welcoming city, because we area city of immigrants. We are making America better in immigrant communities today" - Juan Salgado
Instituto President and CEO is awarded the prestigious MacArthur Fellow Award for his leadership and ingenuity in immigrant integration and education.
Clases de Ingles ciberneticos Telemundo (August 2015)
El programa CYBER-ESL proviene opciones flexibles y gratis para aprender ingle. Hagan el programa en una computadora con un horario fleixble y el apoyo individualisado de una maestra por el telefono y email.
Your Money Matters, WGN (June 15, 2015)
Aurora Ibarra, Instituto Carreras en Salud graduate, and Juan Salgado discuss the economic impact of Instituto's career pathway programs.
Juan Salgado joins Brenda Dann-Messier in their op-ed discussing the recent report by the White House Task Force on New Americans, recognizing that is breaks important new ground for immigrant integration and that its recommendations represent a step forward to be build upon.
Grads Show Promise of Community College, Chicago Tribune (February 1, 2015)
The Chicago Tribune profiles Juan Salgado and others on their success as a community college students. 
Can TV: Perspectivas Latinas (February 11, 2014)
Instituto's Claudia Regalado and Cynthia Nambo discuss Instituto's innovative programs and schools with Can TV.
Mayor Emanuel joined us at Instituto to announce the launch of the EITC campaign and highlighted the 20 sites around Chicago, including Instituto, that will be offering free tax services to families.