Career Pathways

Instituto has designed and implemented career pathways that enable individuals to move beyond their current skill level, continue their education, and launch prosperous careers. Each person enters our pathways at different points based on their needs. They may begin with literacy instruction in their native language, vocational ESL instruction, or college pre-requisites, and then transition into tailored job training and community college courses. Students receive industry recognized credentials along the way, allowing them to move up the career ladder and increase their pay rapidly. Through out, we address the unique needs of our families by providing key supportive services such as tutoring, childcare, financial planning, and more.
Our career pathways target three growing industries: Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Retail. We work with leaders in these industries to build accelerated programs that meet industry needs and place our students in high-demand positions.
Instituto's successful history with Career Pathways has been characterized by three key components:
  • Employer Driven: Instituto works closely with employers and industry representatives to help develop curriculum and create demand-driven training that results in the skills and credentials desired most by Chicago's employers.
  • Accelerated Learning: Instituto has a successful track record of creating contextualized education that allow students to quickly gain multiple skills at once.
  • Accessible to all Learners: Instituto's career pathways are designed to allow learners of all skill levels to enter the program. Instituto has successfully trained thousands of low-skilled and/or low-literacy employees to move up the career ladder and meet the needs of their employers.