Success Stories

Our Impact

Each year, over 8,000 families walk through Instituto's doors to continue their education, launch prosperous careers, and find greater stability. With a commitment to find the best investments for communities and families, Instituto has become a trusted and thriving education center with nationally recognized programming. 
Instituto has pioneered education pathways that provide a comprehensive set of services which have proven to accelerate learning and move students beyond low-skill and low-wage levels and into successful careers in high-demand industries.
Meet Our Familia! 

samira al-hamwiSamira AlHamwi

Coming to Chicago in 2016, Samira found herself struggling to adjust to life in America. Samira proudly holds a Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology and a Pharmacy Technician License in Syria. She studied English in Syria, but struggled to understand it here, due to the difference in accents. Samira’s will to overcome her struggles led her to Truman College, where she took healthcare and English classes. She successfully completed all eight levels of English the school offered. “I felt my English improved,” Samira recalled.

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Heidi Brito

Heidi Brito was an out of school youth and unemployed before she enrolled in the WIOA Youth program with the Department of Student Services and Community Affairs at Instituto. Within two weeks of her enrollment, with the support and guidance from the employment specialist, 
Heidi began the Home Care Services Pre-service training to become a Home Care Aide at Casa Central Social Services. She received the certificate of achievement from the Home Care Services Program and was hired by Casa Central. During the first two months at Instituto, Heidi received services that enabled her to learn how to become financially stable.

julian garcia instructor and deanJulian Garcia

Julian enrolled in the BNA program with a mission--to launch his healthcare career and inspire other men to enter the nursing field. "On the first day of orientation, I was astonished to see that I was one of two men in the entire program," he recalled. "It made me quite anxious, but I was determined to put forth my best effort to complete the program."

With his family's love and Instituto's support, he overcame his anxieties, worked hard, and graduated in August 2019 as valedictorian.  Read his full graduation speech here

Delia Cruz

Her outstanding academic improvement qualified her to gain admission into Instituto’s Carreras en Salud program, beginning with the Basic Nursing Assistant (BNA) module. During the last weeks of the BNA module Delia’s apartment caught on fire devastating her family. Even with this traumatic setback she still went to class on Monday ready for an exam. And, with the help of Instituto’s financial coach, she was able to secure funds to rent another apartment. Delia is currently enrolled in Instituto’s Pre-LPN classes seeking advance her education and eventually become a Registered Nurse.