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Moving to USA: From Jalisco, Mexico to Instituto

I was born in small town near Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. I was raised in a farm and town grew up with 2 brothers and 5 sisters. My father would work in and out if the United State for many years. I move out of my country many years ago. And my life forever change. Now I have wonderful family I’m study English and I work in a child care.

I was fortunate enough to have grow up with my seven brothers and sisters and my parents. Living in a farm, where my neighbors were a few miles away. My best friends were my siblings. Despite not having much money growing, but we had a happy childhood. I remember waking up in the morning to the smell of bread being baked.

I was working in a supermarket when my parents decided to move to United State. I’ll remember when my parents got the tickets. It was a long trip 24 hrs. We left at 11:00 pm on a Sunday and arrived on Monday morning. I was so happy saw another country everything was different 

Now, I’m study English because I want to improve English. Next semester I'm going to sign up for GED classes.

It is hard believed that many years passed since I left my country.  For how my brothers and sisters we spend time playing in the farm. My first long trip in a bus, and how it was very difficult adjusting to the new culture and language. Now I have a wonderful family and this country give me a great opportunities.