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We Proudly Stand with America's Dreamers

Today, and every day, we stand proudly alongside America’s Dreamers. Throughout Instituto’s schools and services, we have witnessed the unique perseverance and drive our Dreamers have to make meaningful contributions in the country that is their home.

Today’s announcement regarding the dismantling of DACA is a disturbing setback not only to our community, but to those who believe in the reality and accessibility of the American Dream. Our nation does itself a disservice by rejecting some of the brightest and most committed among us from fully participating in building and strengthening our shared home.

For the safety of our families, the stability of our communities, and the health of our nation, we implore our elected officials to swiftly pass a comprehensive plan to provide stable residency and a pathway to citizenship for America’s Dreamers so that they may rightfully continue to grow as they attend school, prosper as they work diligently at their jobs, and support the vibrancy of our country.