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Our mission is to contribute to the fullest development of Latino immigrants and their families through education, training and employment that fosters full participation in the changing United States society while preserving cultural identity and dignity. 
At Instituto we believe that education is power!


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Volunteer with Instituto Today! Featured Photo

Volunteer with Instituto Today!

Volunteerism is at the heart of nearly every service we provide. Volunteers at Instituto contribute to the organization and community in a variety of ways - serving as mentors, educators, supporting staff, and more. Questions on volunteering? Contact us by phone at 773-890-0055 or register online by clicking above!
Happy New Year! Featured Photo

Happy New Year!

The Instituto Familia extends endless gratitude to our dedicated supporters, valued partners, and, above all, the 15,000 individuals whose lives we touch through education, legal aid, and migrant assistance. In 2023, your unwavering support has filled our hearts with love, strengthened our sense of community, and exemplified the solidarity that defines our mission.

As you embrace the holiday season with your loved ones, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Instituto. Your generosity, regardless of size, empowers us to continue providing essential services to our Latino community – fostering education, offering training, and promoting employment opportunities. Together, we strive for full participation in the United States, all while preserving the cultural identity and dignity of the families we serve. Your support truly makes a meaningful difference.

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