Our Statement on Adam Toledo

This statement was written by the Illinois Latino Agenda (ILA), a coalition of Latino leaders that works to advance the economic, political and social prosperity of the Latino community. The ILA advocates for action that promotes and respects the dignity and worth of all Latino/a/x communities. It is a non-partisan coalition that stands in solidarity with the indigenous, Black, LGBTQ+ and other disenfranchised communities seeking equity, inclusion and social justice.

We Stand with the AAPI Community

Instituto stands in solidarity with our Asian brothers and sisters to condemn the ongoing violence and hate directed at the AAPI community.

Hooray For Our Dreamers! Instituto Is Here For You!

All of us at Instituto are wildly happy about the United States Supreme Court’s decision to block Donald Trump’s intent to end the DACA program issued on June 18, 2020. We're here to help you apply, no matter what your situation is!
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