Carreras En Salud (Healthcare) Career Pathway

In 2005, Instituto launched Carreras en Salud to bridge community members into entry-level positions as Basic Nursing Assistants, which enables them to earn a living wage and provides them a foundation for future educational and related wage growth while addressing the shortage of bilingual healthcare professionals in Illinois. Carreras’ BNA program has now graduated 10 cohorts of 258 participants, with the 2018 class earning a 91% first-time pass rate on the Certified Nurse Assistance exam, placing them in the top 20% of all Illinois programs.

Carreras En Salud meets students where they are at and helps them realize their full potential. We supports students in continuing their education past the BNA level, providing tuition and other support to help alumna earn Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) credentials and pursue an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) and prepare for the NCLEX-RN (Registered Nurse) exam. In 2018, Instituto College launched to bring the ADN degree program in-house and support learners with wraparound support services specifically geared to their culture, family needs, and individual aspirations.
The BNA Curriculum consists of the following:
-Reading and Math Classes: Monday through Thursday 5:30pm – 9:30 pm
-Microsoft Office Technology: Friday 5:30 p.m.- 7:30 pm
-CPR Training as available.
-Medical Terminology in English.
-Job Readiness Training.
-Financial Literacy and Coaching.
-Pre-LPN class prepares students to take City Colleges of Chicago Placement Test English and Math.

The BNA Admission Requirements consist of the following:
-Must pass a drug test and a criminal background check, have a physical, vaccinations & health insurance.
-Must have a high school diploma or GED certificate.
-Applicants with high school level or higher level credentials from abroad are required to have them evaluated by an accredited USA agency.
-Applicants must meet with a Case Manager to assess financial aid eligibility.
-Applicants are not eligible for financial support through case management class materials.