Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition Costs
Any tuition and fees charged will be the same for all similarly circumstanced persons who are enrolled under the same published tuition agreement.
This chart provides a cost estimate of attendance for the nursing program for 2021-2022, which consist of full tuition and direct academic costs for the entire program. It does not include basic cost of living, commuting or personal expenses. Tuition costs are adjusted annually to reflect any price fluctuations, and total costs may vary depending on the student’s course of study.  


Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program 

Associate Degree in Nursing Program 

Application Fee 



Program Fee 



Total Tuition 



    Course Credits        



    Program Exams 



Books and Materials 



Training Expenses 



Lab Fee 






Incoming students are required to submit full payment of the semester program fee and tuition cost 30 days before the start of class. Payment for each subsequent semester will be due 30 days before the start of the term in January (spring), June (summer) and August (fall). 
Payment may be made electronically through the online student portal, Campus Café, or by mail in the form of a cashier’s check, certified check or money order made out to “Instituto del Progreso Latino.”
Tuition Scholarships
Students applying the Instituto College's ADN or BNATP programs in need of financial assistance, may apply to Instituto's tuition scholarships.
ADN Tuition Scholarship
The Instituto College Scholarship was established for students pursuing an Associate Degree in Nursing to assist students as they embark on a career pathway in the health care profession. An individual is eligible to apply for a one-year scholarship for tuition-related expenses if they meet the established criteria. The scholarship amount that will be awarded is on an as needed basis, and is contingent upon the student meeting the established criteria mandated by the College. Instituto’s College Scholarship may be renewed for a second year if awarded students successfully complete all requirements of the ADN program during the first year. All scholarships (and scholarship renewals) are contingent on the availability of funding.
To be eligible for the Instituto College Scholarship, a student must (in conjunction with the admission requirements of Instituto College):
  • Commit to completing the Associate Degree in Nursing Program at Instituto College
  • Maintain a minimum grade of “B”
  • Have no more than one excused absence per semester
  • Demonstrate clear financial need
  • Exhibit qualities in line with Instituto values of:
    • Academic Excellence
    • Leadership
    • Persistence/Grit
    • Passion for learning and growth
    • Professionalism
These criteria are subject to change and notification will be sent to students accordingly. 
To apply for a tuition scholarship, please submit a completed Scholarship Application form in person to the Registrar’s Office, along with medical documentation and copies of applicants’ legal documents as part of the application process.
BNATP Educational Scholarship
Instituto offers vocational training and job placement assistance to its program participants supported by federal funds, other government sources, corporations, and private foundations. Eligibility requirements for each of the funding sources are set by each grantee. In order to qualify for tuition assistance from Instituto, a student must be determined income eligible based on their individual circumstances.
For every student that is determined to be income eligible, Instituto will offer a one-time Educational Scholarship to cover the students’ BNATP tuition, upon completion of the following conditions:
  1. Student commits to maintain a grade of “C” or better in the class, and participate in the mandatory tutoring sessions required for every quiz when student falls below the 80% required passing average.
  2. Student will successfully complete the Basic Nurses Assistant training program.
  3. If the student drops out of the program without communicating with the BNATP coordinator, and fails to successfully complete the training, he/she will be responsible for covering the BNATP tuition expenses to its entirety.
  4. Tuition payment invoice will be mailed to the students’ home address to be paid in full if the BNATP was dropped or failed.