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Cyber-ESL Research

Instituto successfully completed its pilot program and independent evaluation of the Cyber-ESL model. Take a look at its astounding impact and potential to reach ESL learners across the state!
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Alumni Spotlight: Wendy Cruz

Wendy Cruz, IHSCA Class of 2016, is about to start her second year at Northeastern Illinois University! “If it wasn’t for Instituto, and if it wasn’t for me coming to the high school that I came to, I wouldn’t be where I am at now,” says Wendy. Learn a little bit more about Wendy and her experience with Instituto.
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Transition at Instituto

Instituto is currently searching for an extraordinary successor to lead as President and CEO. Hear from our Board of Directors as they thank Juan for his service and plan for Instituto's next chapter.
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Juan Salgado's Letter to Supporters

Juan Salgado has served as President and CEO of Instituto for 16 years and has led the organization through a period of significant community impact, innovation, and national recognition. We are immensely grateful for his commitment to Instituto's mission and celebrate his transition to Chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago. Please read below for Juan's letter to supporters.
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Instituto's 2016 Annual Report

At Instituto, we believe in the potential of each learner to reach their goals and contribute to our community. We are grateful to the support we have received to make this year successful for our families - thank you for being a part of Instituto!
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Borders Don’t Define Us

“Lo unico que tendras es la educación que te ayudamos a obtener porque nadie te lo podra quitar (The only thing you’ll have is the education we helped provide to you because it’s the only thing no one can take away from you)"

Maria Marquez, IHSCA Class of 2016, delivered a heartfelt speech at her graduation ceremony honoring her parents and their sacrifice, celebrating her fellow students, and proudly announcing her goals as a DREAMer students.
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